How to Get Business Finance


The steps to getting business financing. This video will show you how to obtain business funding.

This checklist will help you improve your business’s financial stability.

A Summary of Steps to Obtaining Business Finance
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✅ Why keeping your records congruent and consistent everywhere can make the difference between getting business funding …
✅ … or not
✅How much fundability do you have?
✅ How your bank account helps make you more fundable…
✅ … and helps extend your time in business
✅What your email and website can do for you.
✅Why all business licenses are necessary
✅The best way to set up business credit reporting agency
✅Your business credit history is a key factor
✅Your business information should be consistent across all channels.

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Credit Suite allows your business to have a financial plan that will allow it to be funded. This means you won’t need friends or family, but can open your own bank account if your business requires cash. Credit Suite helps improve your fundability and allows you to get credit lines and business loans so you can expand your business confidently.

Before you submit a loan application, ensure that the business is compliant with all guidelines. Build credit in your business name and with your EIN so that you don’t have to personally guarantee business finances. So that you can grow your business, get loans and credit lines. Credit Suite can help you get the capital to make your business grow. Visit to learn more