How to get Minority Business Grants and Funding


How to get Minority Business Grants and Funding
This video will show you how to obtain funding and grants for minority businesses

In 2020, funding for minority business owners
Participate in our live training to find funding opportunities for minority-owned businesses in 2020.

During this livestream, you’ll discover …
✅ How to get funding for minority business owners – even now
✅Entrepreneurs who identify as minorities may be able to get funding for their businesses in order to survive and grow.
✅ How it’s not your imagination…
✅ … it truly is tougher for business owners who are members of minorities to get business loans for a minority business enterprise
✅However, funding is available
✅ Find grants and loans for entrepreneurs who are…
✅ … female …
✅ … members of native tribes …
✅ … African American …
✅ … and Latinx
✅ There are business grants for women…
✅ … and small business loans for members of any minority group
✅ And that includes money from the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program
✅ Don’t let current conditions stop you from getting financing for your business
✅You can get funding for minority-owned businesses

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