How to write a business plan for funding


This is a video that will help small businesses or prospective small business owners who need to create a funding request. In this video, Quality Business Plan’s owner, Paul Borosky, MBA., Doctoral Candidate, describes specific processes that professional business plan writers use in structuring and writing a professionally developed funding request for your small business.

Here are some specific funding topics:

• Small business funding request overview for a business plan.
• Business plan funding request business needs.
• How the business will pay back loan from a business plan funding request.
• How the business will pay back equity investors from a business plan funding request.
• How funds will be spent in the funding request.
• Why funding request is needed.

These steps will allow a business planner to create a funding request for a business plan in just one page. The business plan writer will then be able to expand on the funding request by adding subsections in the business plans if necessary.

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