This video will show you how to fail in getting business financing for your startup.
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You have 20 options to obtain funding for your startup business.

1. 1.
2. 2. Create passive income streams
3. Venture Capital may be available to your startup.
4. You can add additional services to your pro membership.
5. Invest in mutual fund. Make small monthly investments to increase your money over the next 10 years. You will then be able to invest much more in the following 10 years.
6. Microloans available
7. Optimizing your manufacturing costs can increase profit margin.
8. A personal loan for a small amount.
9. For some investment opportunities, you can join Corporate programs.
10. Smart bookkeeping can help you save money on your company’s cashflow and taxes.
11. 11.
12. 12.
13. Request a Discount and Save Money
14. 14.
15. Get capital from family members and friends.
16. Startup Capital is available through government programs
17. Get Bank Loans to Help You Raise Money.
18. Raise Funds By Discounts.
19. Get Angel Investment.
20 Crowdfunding is a great option.

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