10 Pre-Approval Credit Card Cards – SOFTPULL / NO HARD QUERY


Today, I’ll show you 10 Pre-Approval credit cards! You are interested in a credit card but are unsure if you’ll be approved. WATCH THIS! Follow me on IG! https://bit.ly/3dl8aOA

You don’t want to have another inquiry placed on your credit reports so make sure that you sign up for the pre-approval/pre-qualification first. It will prevent you from having to answer a hard inquiry and will increase your chances of being approved for your next credit line.

Each card is listed.

Dell Preferred Account https://dell.to/3lFXCgt
Avant – https://www.avant.com/credit-card/
BBVA – https://online.bbvausa.com/apply/credit-card-prequal
BB&T – https://www.bbt.com/offers/checkOffers
American Express https://amex.co/38LSmEx
Credit One https://bit.ly/3fdXNxi
Chase – https://www.chase.com/prequalified
Merrick Bank https://bit.ly/2K7g7wm
Kohl’s card – https://bit.ly/36DsgRo
US Alliance https://www.usalliance.org/pre-qualification

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