10 Pre-Approval Credit Cards Pt. 2 – SOFT PULL / NO HARD INQUIRY


In today’s video, I will show you the 10 Pre-Approval Credit Cards Pt. 2! If you are looking to make get a new credit card, but not sure whether you will get approved. WATCH THIS! Add me on IG: https://bit.ly/3dl8aOA

If you do not want another hard inquiry on your credit report make sure you always take advantage of the pre-approval or pre-qualification sign up first. This way it will save you from a hard inquiry, and it will give you a better chance of getting approved for your next credit card.

All the cards listed.

Lowe’s Advantage Card: https://www.lowes.com/l/Credit.html
Lexus Pursuit Card: https://bit.ly/2K3IV98
Ikea Projekt Card: https://bit.ly/3gx4GtX
Discover Card: https://discvr.co/39VCAYc
HSBC: https://bit.ly/3gwwAq4
Apple Card: On Your Apple Device
Upgrade Visa: https://www.upgrade.com/upgrade-card/
Bankmobile Credit: https://cards.bankmobile.upstart.com/prequal
Yahama Card: https://prequalify.yamahacard.com/financing-application.html
Capital One: https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/prequalify/

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10 Pre-Approval Credit Cards – SOFT PULL / NO HARD INQUIRY

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