2021: The absolute BEST beginner credit cards


Here’s a video that I share about the top Credit Cards for Beginners for 2021. These cards have no annual fees and offer cashback, interest rates, high credit scores, and easy applications.

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The common theme you’ll see in all my cards is the ANNUAL fee.

When deciding whether a credit line is suitable for beginners, this is an important factor.

1) No annual fees
It doesn’t have an annual fee for the first one year. Credit cards are often offering promos for free for the first two years, then adding it later. If I was a first-time card holder, I would choose something that has 0 annual fees.

2) Low interest rate. If you are being honest, you should have zero balance each month. This means you don’t owe any credit cards companies 0, however, life happens and you need a low rate of interest.

3. What are the cashback/benefits? It must be more value than the debit card to make them worthwhile.

4. How difficult is it to apply for and be approved for a credit card? It is important that we target cards with high approval rates so that our credit card application and authorization process are smooth.

The 2021 Cards
1. Get It Protected
The card is a great choice for first-time cards because it doesn’t require any credit to get one.

In essence, a secured card is one that requires collateral. In exchange, Discover will make you a small deposit (usually $200), and you get this card to allow you to spend money and build your credit.

You will receive your deposit back after 6-12 months of regular payments.

2. Apple Card
Goldman Sachs issued the Apple Credit Card, which was launched in recent years.

This is because it is so simple to apply. The application process is intimidating for many people. This can be one of the greatest barriers to applying for credit cards. Apple has made it extremely easy by allowing you to complete the application from your smartphone.

This program offers transparency and cashback when it comes time to spend.

3. Visa Petal 2
Petal 2 offers a simpler way to earn cashback, with a 1% cashback or up to 1.5% on certain purchases. Easy to use for those who are just starting out.

4. Wells Fargo Cash Wise
This yellow card, though it looks ugly, is one of many best flat-rate cards that offer cash back for beginners.

For the first 15 months of your contract, you will be charged 0% interest and 14.49% thereafter.

This gives you 1.5% cashback flat on all purchases. I absolutely love it. It’s like having a Citi-Doublecash mini card.

You also receive $150 cash back if you spend $500 within the first three months. This means that you will get 30% cashback for your first $500.

5. Citi DoubleCash: Bonus
This card offers you 2% off your purchase and $0 per year.

This card is one the most prestigious available. Your strategy for your credit card journey should include applying for any of these cards, spending money for 6-12 months on them and paying the remaining balance every month.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Why do Credit Cards Work?
2.07 The Benefits Of A Good Credit Score
3: 36 criteria for beginner cards
4.52 1. Get It Secured
6:01 2. Apple Card
9:36 Visa Petal 2
9:37 Wells Fargo Cashwise Card
10: 58 BONUS – Citi DoubleCash Card
11:59 A Note on Credit Utilization