Frank Abagnale – Charge Card VS Debit Cards|Jeff Trills Jantuah|MWR Financial


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If you have actually seen the motion picture “Capture Me If You Can” which starred Leonardo Di Caprio, you absolutely understand who Frank Abagnale is. He was a con-artist who presumed a great deal of identities and took a great deal of cash by creating checks. After his jail stint, he began working for the federal government. He is likewise presently a specialist and a speaker for the FBI Academy. He likewise runs Abagnale Consultancy and Associates, a monetary and scams consultancy company. You heard the male – he does not utilize his debit cards. He utilizes his charge card. If there is somebody to listen to on how to prevent being a victim of scams or identity theft – he is the authority. In this video, he discusses how debit cards expose your cash to scams and liabilities.

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