How to build wealth with credit cards and M1 finance


How to Build Wealth with Credit Cards and M1 Finance⛱ M1 Finance Bonus: more information, click on “Show More”

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💳One of my favorite credit cards is:
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Zero: 00 Credit Cards Wealth
1:35 4 Types Credit Card Reward
3:43 How to Choose the Best Rewards Credit Cards
Citi Double Cash card – 5:22
5:52 Alliant Credit Union Signature Visa
6:58 Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit card
8: 14 Amazon Prime Visa
8:45 Capital One Spark Cash Visa
9:10 Capital One Venture
10: 00 Chase Sapphire Preferred
11:10 Credit Card Portfolio
13:25 M1 Finance

You shouldn’t use your credit card to travel “free”. Instead, build wealth using credit card rewards. Here’s a video showing you how I built a wealth portfolio with credit cards. It consists of the following: Additionally, I will show you how the rewards were invested and the process of building the portfolio with M1 Finance.

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