Lets Speak About Credit Cards|One-Minute Cash Pointer #shorts


The subject of utilizing charge card can be rather dissentious. Some individuals discuss them like they are wicked and need to be prevented at all expenses, while others believe they are the trump card to open your wildest dreams.
The truth is neither one. In today’s ONe-Minute Cash Idea, Grant discusses some factors to utilize a charge card along with the correct technique and state of mind to have so charge card financial obligation does not end up being an issue.
The reality is, charge card can be unsafe, and mountains of financial obligation can truly prevent monetary development in life. If utilized correctly, credit cards can be simply another tool in your belt … er wallet.

We made another video where Grant goes over all the tools in his wallet and his frame of mind in picking those tools: https://youtu.be/b5quhQFEMLE
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