The 5 BEST Credit Cards In Singapore 2021


There are numerous charge card in Singapore, and if you selected the incorrect card, you will not take pleasure in the complete advantages. In this video, I will reveal you my finest 5 charge card in Singapore2021 Take pleasure in!

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0: 00 – Introduction

0: 45 – UOB One Card & c=-LRB- & p=-LRB- & ev=affclk & k=ff460 c3e037 d863 a
This card is among the very best cards out there for the majority of people. If you can strike $500 to $1k every 3 months, you will get 3.33% cashback, or strike $2k every 3 months to get 5% cashback.

You will make extra 5% cashback for Grab costs, like Grab Taxi or Get Food, extra 5% on Shopee and Dairy Farm shops like Freezer, 1% cashback on SP costs. The card likewise offers you extra discount rate at Shell or SPC.

Many card will not offer cashbacks on insurance coverage, however you can likewise utilize this card to pay to CardUp, to spend for insurance coverage, which will make you cashback.

Utilize this card if you can strike $500 each month.

4: 27 – HSBC Advanced Card
This card will provide you 1.5% if overall month-to-month invest is listed below $2k, if above $2k you will get 2.5%. Cashbacks will be topped to $70 a month. You can make additional 1% by opening a HSBC Everyday Global Account, then deposit $2k fresh funds each month, and likewise charge 5 deals to this card.

By registering to this card you will have access to the Performer app, which offers you 1 for 1 offers on dining, leisure and travel. You will likewise get $200 e commerce purchase defense. The card offers you 21% discount rates with Caltex and 14% with Shell.

Utilize this card if you are not able to strike a minimum invest of $500, or if you have a big cost turning up.

8: 16 – DBS Live Fresh Card & c=-LRB- & p=-LRB- & ev=affclk & k=-LRB- a0ee8e1e69
This card provides you 5% cashback on online invest, 5% for contactless invest, and 0.3% for all other invest, each with $20 cashback cap. You require to strike a minimum of $600 invest a month.

This card has 20.1% fuel cost savings at SPC and 14% cost savings at ESSO. It has a great deal of other advantages like 1 month BlueSG membership, discount rates of Golden Town motion picture tickets and so on. You can breakdown big purchases into instalments, and if the period is lower than 6 months, there’s no processing cost.

Utilize this card if your expenditures are spread out uniformly throughout online invest and contactless invest.

10: 47 – Citibank SMRT Card & c=-LRB- & p=-LRB- & ev=affclk & k=-LRB- ee595 b33 c0591
If your overall invest is lower than $300, you will get 4.7% on groceries, junk food, motion pictures and coffee. For online invest, you will get 2.7%. For health and charm invests like GNC, Guardian, you will get 1.7%. If your costs if more than $300, you will get additional 0.3% on all your costs.

For fuel, you can get up to 14% fuel cost savings at ESSO and Shell. For fringe benefits, if you patronize FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave, you will get up to 7.3% for groceries. If you patronize Family pet Lovers Centre, Popular, and Toys R United States, you can get up to 5% cashback. Get up to 1% cashback when you utilize Citibank One Costs to spend for your telco costs.

You can register to this card utilizing my link, and get $120 cashback when you invest a minimum of $1200 within 2 months.

Utilize this card if your costs are low, and you invest more on groceries, junk food, films and coffee.

13: 09 – Basic Chartered Unlimited Card & c=-LRB- & p=-LRB- & ev=affclk & k=e01 c3abee942 ebc4
This card is really simple. You get 1.5% cashback on all invests, no minimum costs, and no cap on cashbacks.

Utilize this card if you have a huge cost.