The complete Guide to Using Credit Cards With YNAB


Do you want to eliminate debt permanently? Ben will guide you with concrete steps and help you to establish a plan for eliminating debt. Yes, really, it’s possible! We’ll show you the best (and wisest) way to handle credit cards in your budget and, ultimately, how to eliminate all of the stress and uncertainty they can bring.


0:00 Intro
0:37 Add a creditcard
2. 14 The impact of a credit card on your budget
3. 17. Credit card spending
6:18 Making a payment with a credit card
8:38 Paying interest on a credit card
10.03. Overspending on a Credit Card
12:16 Add a pay in full credit card
13:35 Cashback
15:56 Returns
17:43 A guide to getting out of debt
20: 13 Additional resources and support

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