These are the 5 Best Credit Cards For Gen-Z


These are the top credit cards for 2020 Gen Z (Zoomers!)My personal opinion is that these cards offer the highest rewards for regular spending and give cash back to Beginners and Millennials.

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Below are my top five cards. There were some criteria that I used to make my decision.
There is no annual fee (except for the first one).
It’s easy to apply and get approved
Many rewards, cash back and other incentives for your purchases
To build your credit score, you should always pay the full amount of your account every month. If you are unable to pay in full each month, you may make a payment. Your card should be treated as CASH.

1. The Discover It Secured Credit card
The card is easy to obtain and requires a deposit. This will make it easier to build credit. Cashback is available on all purchases. You can also enjoy 2% at gas stations, restaurants and unrestricted 1% on any other purchases. In addition, you get cashback for every purchase made within the first year. You can upgrade to an unsecure card after 9 months and receive your deposit back.

2. Apple Credit Card
It’s Titanium. Duh. It’s not hard to get an Apple Card, is super transparent about spending and easy to apply. While the Apple Card may not have the greatest cash back or spending rewards, I chose this card for its ease of use, transparency and low annual fees. Also, it *isTitanium in case you want to impress some of your friends (lol).

3. Citi DoubleCash Rewards Credit card
It is my favorite cashback card and the one I consider the best. The flat 2% cashback is on all transactions, but I made a mistake in my video. It does not have an annual fee. This card is amazing and great for anyone with good credit.

4. Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card
Chase Freedom Unlimited provides so many amazing rewards that you’ll be amazed at the number of benefits. You get $200 cashback on purchases over $500. The fact that there is no annual fee for this card is quite unbelievable. I love this card.

5. Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card
The only card with an annual fee is this one, at $95 per year. You can earn 80K points for spending $4k within the first three months. This card is a great choice for those who are looking to save money. 80k points can be worth $800 (point-for-dollar), but that’s not counting the multiple Chase points offer. This card also offers a number of perks such as point transfer to airlines and travel protection. You can even get 24/7 customer support. The card should only be recommended if your income is between $1.3 and 1.5k per month. You also need to have good credit, established your credit, and have good personal finances.

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