Top 5 Best International Credit Cards for Beginners in 2021 (Top 5)


Looking for the best starter credit card for students or professionals moving to the US? These are the best beginner credit cards that will help you build credit.

Credit cards can be a good way to get started building your credit. These are the top tips to remember when choosing a credit card for beginners:
Annual fees
Earn Rewards
Customer Service

Getting a credit card as an international student in college (F1 Visa) or a professional who recently landed (H1B visa) can be quite difficult if you don’t already have a credit history in the US. You should:
Use a secured credit line to get started.
Upgrade to an Unsecured Credit Card
After your score has reached 750+ you may be eligible for more premium credit cards

💰Get a $50 statement credit when you become a Discover cardmember

💰Chase Freedom Unlimited credit cards offer $200 cashback

American Express Blue Money Everyday

Deserve Edu Mastercard

Capital One Platinum

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