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Ronald Rushing Sr. was detected with COVID-19 in July2020 More than a year later on, Hurrying lives with a devastating, burning headache.
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Ronald Rushing Sr., 46, believed he had a cold when he came down with an aching throat, cough and a headache July 27,2020 A supermarket supervisor living in Southern Pines, North Carolina, Rushing’s district supervisor sent him house to improve.

More than a year later on, he’s still not. Discomfort shoots through his head from the minute he opens his eyes in the early morning till he closes them in the evening.

Working his old task stays out of the concern. His business extended his work so he still has health insurance coverage, he was changed as shop supervisor. The dad of 6 does not blame his managers, however without that task he questions his identity and self-respect.

” Daily, I feel alone and I seem like nobody cares,” stated Rushing, who hopes informing his story will assist others feel less separated and restore his sense of function. “It’s ended up being most of my life, due to the fact that I have actually lost whatever else.”
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