Best Way to Finance iPhone 12


Compare the best iPhone 12 trade in deals and financing options through Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Apple Card Monthly Installments.

Swappa –
/>OCBuyBack –
AT&T Installment Plan
Purchase iPhone 12 on AT&T Installment Plan, trade in a qualifying device valued at $95 or more (iPhone 8 or newer), and receive $800 in credit applied toward your monthly financing. You will receive a 64GB iPhone 12 with this deal. Both new and current customers are eligible.

Verizon Device Payment Program
You can trade in any iPhone XS/XR, 11 Pro, or iPhone XS/XS Plus to receive $440 discount on iPhone 12. Monthly bill credit promo

Monthly Apple Card Payments
Apple Card allows you to purchase SIM-free iPhone 12 without a SIM card Receive 3% daily cash as an upfront payment For 24 months, pay monthly. Uses prepaid wireless plans.

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00:00 – Intro
34: 0 – Trading your smartphone online vs selling it
1: 17 – Swappa vs OCBuyBack vs Decluttr vs Gazelle vs Apple Trade In
1: 48 – Carrier trade in deals
1: 57 – Trade in deals for existing customers
2: 29 – AT&T’s free iPhone 12 trade in deal
3: 17 – New customer trade in deals
4: 21- Apple Card Financing/Monthly Installations
4: 58 – Apple Card Financing vs Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile Trade In Deals
5: 10 – Apple Card Financing vs Verizon Device Payment Program
6: 39 – Apple Card Financing vs AT&T Installment Plan
7:42 – Apple Card Financing Vs T-Mobile Trade in Deal
8:45 – Apple Card Financing Deal
9:36 – How do you get Verizon Trade in Deal
10: 32 – How to get AT&T’s free iPhone 12 deal
12:11 – T-Mobile Trade in Deals
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