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Today is Friday 30 th October 2020 and we are introducing a New Friday Slot Entitled Financial Political News. We will be taking a look at monetary news and politics within the UK (Gov UK) and the U.S.A. in specific.

Because the channel started, every Saturday we released our gold and silver weekly upgrade a video which with a couple of exceptions get the most views every week.

A number of months ago we then introduced our midweek upgrade which we prepare to produce each Wednesday simply to offer a summary of where we remain in regards to markets, rare-earth elements and currencies.

Just recently on a Sunday we have actually released our Peak Gold series, which will be followed by our peak silver series as soon as that has actually completed.

Well today we are releasing another routine function entitled Financial/Political News Friday where we will evaluate the news headings of numerous monetary online websites and briefly provide our ideas on those headings. Now we confess they are not scripted beforehand and for that reason actually will be my ramblings as I witness the headings. The factor for this is that we are absolutely of the belief that rare-earth element costs are impacted without a doubt more than basics, particularly their short-term cost changes and the very same uses to equity markets and so on

This is the very first edition and please remark listed below if you would like us to continue with this or not. If it’s of little advantage, then obviously we will ignore it.

We note listed below some of the videos we have actually produced this week for ease of gain access to.

Elements Affecting the United States Dollar, Gold & Silver Rates, For November 2020
World Gold Council Report On Gold Need (Evaluation)
Gold and Silver Financial Midweek Update – 28 10 20 s

Surprise Silver Treasures – Discovered – Plus Musings
Why The Bond Market Might Collapse & t=-LRB- s

What do you believe?– do share your ideas.

Thank you so much for listening, and please do share your remarks listed below. If you have not currently done so, please sign up for our channel not forgetting to push the bell indication so that you are alerted of our videos as and when they are released.

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