French financing chief states EU will strike back if U.S. puts brand-new tariffs on French items


프랑스 – EU, 美 보복관세에 “EU 차원 강력대응”

The French federal government has actually alerted the European Union will strike back as soon as the U.S. enforces two-point-four billion U.S. dollars of tariffs on French items, like white wine and cheese, in the middle of their conflict over a digital tax.
France’s Financing Minister, Bruno Le Maire, who didn’t elaborate on what type the retaliation might take, states the act is not habits they get out of the U.S. due to the fact that France and Europe are still amongst Washington’s closest allies.
Previously this year, France enforced a digital services tax on worldwide IT giants.
The U.S. stated the relocation victimizes U.S. business, … such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

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