How We Purchased Our Abandoned Home in Japan|Process, Expenses, Dangers, Financing, How to Discover One


In this video I enter into more (or excessive?) information about how we discovered and bought our akiya/abandoned home in Japan. It’s a conventional Japanese home design – a “minka” or “kominka”.

In spite of there being a great deal of uninhabited homes (akiya) in Japan, really couple of are on sale, so discovering an ideal one can be hard. Even if you discover one you like it is not without its dangers. Though the home itself might be low-cost, there are concealed expenses like taxes. Remodelling expenses can rapidly intensify, so it’s not always the least expensive option to discovering an inexpensive location to live. If you’re after a specific mix of bigger land size, way of life, nation living, DIY/renovation, and yes, something possibly less expensive than a brand-new home, then it might be a feasible alternative.

Worths suggested in Yen/US dollars.

The video’s rather long, and there’s a great deal of talking, so if you desire go to particular areas here are the markers:

00: 00 Introduction
01: 58 What is an akiya?
05: 00 Why purchase an akiya?
07: 42 Purchasing an akiya
12: 37 Dangers
14: 43 Surprise expenses (taxes)
19: 05 Remodelling
23: 40 Funding an akiya
27: 45 Conclusion


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Akiya websites
Akiya banks throughout Japan:
Market for akiya:
Akiya listings:
Website with a great deal of kominka:
There are many local websites, for instance this one in Kyushu with some good, low-cost homes: http://forest1616 com/nbaibai1. html
This business purchases, refurbishes, and offers homes consisting of ex-akiya:


Public Auction (公売 )
To discover regional tax workplaces holding public auctions google “prefecture name” 公売 e, g. 茨城県 公売
Federal government public online auctions: php comingsoon

Some local websites (I’ll keep contributing to this list):
Gunma: a4310031 html
Saitama: z-8. html
Shizuoka: int-koubai. html

——————– kodate/akiyatoutaisaku. html

——————– 6-things-to-know-about-inheritance-without-a-will-in-japan/

General details on akiya

Sites utilized in video
——————– asia/japan-vacant-akiya- ghost-homes/index. html japan-free-homes-empty-houses-given-away-and-sold-cheap. html

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