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Whats Up News & Home Entertainment TELEVISION Channel Unique Program Uncut.
Anchor: Shahid Ali Qureshi (Sr.Reporter)

. Whats Up News & Home Entertainment TELEVISION Channel is house to a varied portfolio of tv and digital homes driven by quality news, home entertainment and sports shows. Whats Up News & Home entertainment TELEVISION Channel integrates unique material with across the country broadcast circulation and innovative digital residential or commercial properties and information organizations. As it prepared to separate its publishing organization, Whats Up News & Home entertainment TELEVISION Channel obtained Regional TELEVISION Holdings to end up being the Hyderabad’s biggest independent broadcaster, started the conversion of its superstation commonly dispersed basic home entertainment cable television channel, as an engine for producing initial material. In every element of the business, whether in producing vital regional news, fascinating initial programs, or leading sporting occasions, Whats Up TELEVISION engages and links audiences with essential material throughout every circulation platform.

Whats Up TELEVISION (http://www.whatsuptv.in/) Broadcasting’s multicast network, released on February 15, 2015 markets throughout the Hyderabad. Reaching 48% of TELEVISION families. What’s Up News & Home Entertainment Tv Channel is establishing a slate of internal programs that guarantees to engage audiences of Hyderabad discussing the essential concerns that impact them in locations such as youth advancement, health, education, the environment, sport, human rights and social justice. In addition we have a variety of industrial programs with chances for brand name direct exposure. And in future our strategy is to broaden our channel in 2 different wings ones is news 24 hours like other news channels for e.g: – TV5- NTV- and TV-9. And other is complete home entertainment wings in this total home entertainment programs like tunes commemorates chatters old and brand-new motion pictures conversations.