Taliban securely in charge of Afghanistan on 9/11 anniversary|DW News


On the anniversary of that day that altered the world and led the United States to introduce its war on horror, the Taliban sent out bold signals from the Afghan capital.
They were in power in Afghanistan on Sept 11, 2001– and are now back running the nation. On Saturday, the group raised its flag over the Afghan governmental palace in Kabul – the day the West grieved those lost in the September 11 attacks of2001 US-led NATO forces got into the nation soon after 9/11, falling the routine that offered sanctuary to al-Qaeda. The Taliban retook Afghanistan simply a couple of weeks earlier.
The 20 th anniversary of 9/11 comes simply weeks after the United States’s disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Washington’s previous embassy in Kabul is entirely deserted. Just American hardware and Taliban fighters stay.
The Islamists are still extremely bold and distrusting of Washington’s intentions – previous and present.
The white Taliban flag at the previous United States embassy entryway leaves no doubt regarding who are now in charge. And some individuals state they more than happy about the Taliban taking control.
Lots of female trainees at a Kabul university held a rally on Saturday to reveal their assistance for the Islamists on Saturday. They state the Islamists have actually been represented terribly by foreign media.
This follows days of demonstrations that saw numerous Afghan ladies opposing versus the Taliban – requiring representation in the brand-new administration and for their rights to be secured.
Numerous in Kabul watch out for the Taliban, however blame the United States for their existing bad luck.
20 years after the 9/11 attacks, the Taliban are back in control in Afghanistan.

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