$UST Getting In Solana Summertime|Update & News on Mercurial Financing|$UST Swaps with Serum!


Solana Summertime got here with complete power! And $UST signed up with the celebration. Today I have a look at Mercurial Financing after I covered the procedure a month back. The group included a brand-new function, that will alter the video game for $UST on Solana!

Mercurial Financing: https://mercurial.finance/


00: 00 Intro
01: 15 UST on Solana
02: 56 Solana Summer Season
04: 34 Terra & Mercurial
05: 48 Mercurial Financing Wrap-up
07: 01 UST 3Pool Update
08: 56 Serum Combination!
10: 22 UST allowed!
11: 11 Live Demonstration
14: 48 More on $MER

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