Why I utilize the Yahoo Financing mobile app to track my stock portfolios


In this video I discuss why I like the Yahoo Financing mobile app to track both my Revolut and Trading 212 stock portfolios.

The app is totally free of charge and enables me to produce different lists for my 2 stock portfolios. At a high level it enables me to track the total motions gradually and likewise every day.

The app is incredibly simple to utilize. The portfolios can be gotten in by hand or utilizing a spreadsheet upload function. All you require is the stock ticker, the dollar expense average of the stock and the variety of shares you own.

What I actually like about the app is the wealth of totally free info. I like having the ability to take a look at pre and post market stock motions.

I likewise like taking a look at day-to-day and overall motions in the private stocks in my portfolio.

There is likewise a great deal of totally free monetary information held versus each stock consisting of crucial metrics, dividend information (consisting of ex dividend dates and payment dates) and choices information.

Taking a look around it was challenging to discover a totally free of charge alternative is thorough as Yahoo Financing.

Let me understand if you utilize a much better tool or app.

Thanks for enjoying!