August 27, 2021


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CABEI announces two new loans for Honduras for 470 million dollars

CABEI announces two new loans for Honduras for 470 million dollars

Tegucigalpa- Two new loans for Honduras for infrastructure and energy announced this Friday the head of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Dante Mossi.

The loans are $ 250 million for the energy sector and 220 for infrastructure

“We have in our portfolio to approve two more loans to Honduras,” confirmed the executive, adding that the bank’s support between loans and donations to Honduras total more than 400 million dollars.

He estimated that if all goes well for this year, two more loans will be made to Honduras for an order of 250 million dollars in energy and another of 220 million dollars for highway issues, among which he mentioned different sections in the west, from El Progreso. to Tela and Danlí.

He also noted that they are awaiting the country’s fight against COVID-19 and we are very happy with what is seen between purchases of vaccines and donations from friendly countries and we continue to support governments with financing for the purchase of the vaccine against COVID ».

Mossi then explained that CABEI is doing rigorous analysis of the loans to Honduras, for example, he indicated the loan of 220 million dollars, on roads where there is an oversight and audit, which facilitates the process for the board of directors.

The same is being done with the 250 million dollar loan granted on energy issues, which would be the second loan to the electricity sector for the same amount that comes to make a reform process to the sector at the request of the Government.

Always referring to the electricity issue, he mentioned that a courageous measure is being taken by the Government “it is a very courageous measure; spoke with COHEP that what has been lacking is political leadership for this reform because the National Electric Power Company is a very valuable institution and since 1993 it was said that the company was very large because it handled distribution, transmission and generation and what The law seeks is to give the ENEE its place ”.

He declared that what is being sought with the new loan is to inject liquidity into the state company and that profound changes can be made in the electricity sector that has been running since 2020.

In this sense, he said that the energy loan is not in itself for ENEE, but for the Honduran people so that they have a good service and stimulate foreign investment, because if energy does not have a good price, investment is difficult.

In that sense, he pointed out that CABEI trusts that ENEE can change and improve the country’s electricity system, which is why the government must also believe in a bailout for the state company and avoid blackouts that occurred in the past.

“We are observing how we strengthen the ENEE so that it provides a better service to citizens,” he added on the subject.

Finally, he announced that next Friday the meeting of the governors of the region (finance ministers) will be held to see how the finances of the nations in the region have been handled.