August 28, 2021


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Deputy Bueno affirms government loans guaranteed health to the people

Deputy Bueno affirms government loans guaranteed health to the people

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO. -The deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Ramón Bueno, affirmed this Friday that the loans taken by the current Government guaranteed that millions of Dominicans could perform PCR tests and be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19), as well as reactivate the national economy.

Bueno said that the management of the funds to acquire the different vaccines has been carried out and managed with transparency, and in the light of all sectors of the country’s political, business and social life.

He assured that President Luis Abinader has been extremely responsible with the administration of the funds, which cannot be said of the past leadership of the Dominican State, due to the clear waste of economic resources and administrative corruption at all levels.

The congressman assured that with the funds that were stolen from the Dominican State in the last administration if they were available, the current government would not have had to borrow to buy vaccines against Covid-19 and even provide resources to protect thousands of jobs.

Ramón Bueno asked the Dominican people to maintain confidence in President Luis Abinader, since with all the difficulties generated by Covid-19 he has managed to reactivate the main productive sectors such as tourism, free trade zones, industrials and businesses.

In that sense, Bueno described the position of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) as shameless with respect to the first year of President Luis Abinader’s administration, indicating that as a result of the corruption of the past administration, dozens of former officials and relatives are imprisoned in such a way preventive, thanks to the investigations carried out by a true independent Public Ministry.

“While many were thinking about how to keep the resources looted from the coffers of the Dominican State, the government of Luis Abinader was concerned about having all the supplies to inoculate people and protect the most vulnerable families in the country,” said the deputy. .

The legislator specified that the PLD secretary general has no morals to talk about investment and transparency, because in the province that he said he represented (Monte Plata) thousands of people did not have access to drinking water, but that, in just one year of the new management, more than 30 thousand people enjoy the precious liquid.

Well, he also recalled that in the province of Monte Plata the Public Ministry gave one of the biggest blows to the administrative corruption of the past administration of the PLD, but also against the electricity sector mafia, among other cases that the population knows about.

The PRM legislator specified that when the funds stolen through administrative corruption are recovered, they will serve to pay off the obligatory loans acquired by the Government presided over by Luis Abinader to protect the health and finances of Dominican citizens.

However, Ramón Bueno urged President Luis Abinader to have a sighted eye with officials who do not want to maintain the ethical standards of transparency in the management of public funds and their functions, nor to recognize the work of the leaders of the PRM base .