Desh Deshantar: कर्ज माफी का अर्थशास्त्र|Economics of Farm Loan Waivers


Why do we go back to loan waiver needs time and once again, What are the options to loan waivers: Insurance coverage for farmers, Function of land rights, area for farmers in regards to production and marketing, forest land rights, Why do not farmers get the compensation that they are worthy of, Paradox of farmers putting in effort resulting in high output winding up in low rates, Function of intermediaries in impoverishing farmers, Loan waivers are unexpected expense. How does it impact financial preparation?

Anchor: Kavindra Sachan

Visitor –
1-Aman Agarwal, Director, & Teacher, Indian Institute of Financing
2- Subodh Kaushik, Former General Supervisor Punjab National Bank
3-Virender Badkhalsa, Joint Secretary, Haryana State, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh.