Home Mortgage Prepayment & Estimation Technique|Lower EMI or Period? With Excel Computations


Mortgage Prepayment & Estimation Technique|Decrease EMI or Period? With Excel Computations
In this video by FinCalC TELEVISION, we will see how to determine home mortgage EMI and interest utilizing Excel Calculator formula examples in hindi, conserve mortgage interest utilizing prepayment and home mortgage primary & interest quantities estimation stand out prepayment choice & home mortgage estimation technique formula. We will likewise see how you can conserve home mortgage interest by home mortgage payment estimation. We will likewise see how interest and primary quantities of Home mortgage EMI will be determined. Whether to minimize EMI or period after Home mortgage prepayment. Home mortgage EMI can be increased to lower the overall interest.

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00: 15 Introduction
01: 52 Download Earnings Tax Calculator
02: 21 Home Mortgage EMI, Principal, Interest & Prepayments
03: 32 Choices after Loan payment
03: 55 Kinds of Rate of interest in Mortgage
04: 22 Prepayment lock in duration for Repaired rate of interest
05: 04 Prepayment charges in Set rate of interest
05: 38 Factors for Prepayment lock in and charges
06: 41 Mortgage Excel Calculator
08: 43 Mortgage EMI Estimation formula
10: 59 Mortgage Principal & Interest Estimation formula
15: 30 Home Mortgage Interest Modification Example
17: 17 Mortgage Prepayment Example to conserve Interest
23: 28 Easy Interest on Mortgage Prepayment
26: 00 Loan Prepayment Lock in duration
27: 09 Lower EMI or Period with Computations Examples

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After enjoying this video following questions will be fixed:
How to compute mortgage EMI?
How to Conserve home mortgage interest?
Whether to decrease EMI or Period in Mortgage after prepayment?
How to determine home mortgage EMI in stand out sheet?
What is home mortgage EMI estimation stand out formula?
What is home mortgage computation approach & formula?
How to lower home mortgage interest?
Loan prepayment stand out examples to conserve loan interest?
Mortgage prepayment charges and lock in duration
Principal and interest quantities of home mortgage emi?
Home mortgage emi increase will conserve interest quantity?
Advantages of home mortgage prepayments?

What is Mortgage EMI Calculator?
Home Mortgage EMI Calculator helps in computation of the loan installation i.e. EMI towards your home mortgage. It a simple to utilize calculator and serves as a monetary preparation tool for a house purchaser.

What is Home Mortgage EMI?
EMI means Equated Month-to-month Installation. It consists of payment of the primary quantity and payment of the interest on the impressive quantity of your home mortgage. A longer loan period (for an optimal duration of 30 years) assists in minimizing the EMI.

How does EMI computation aid in preparing the house purchase?
Home mortgage EMI calculator offers a clear understanding of the quantity that requires to be paid towards the EMIs and assists make a notified choice about the outflow towards the real estate loan monthly.

Elements that Affect Real Estate Loan EMI
Principal- The principal is the loan quantity that you obtain from the loan provider. It is straight proportional to your EMIs – lower principal will reduce your regular monthly instalments and vice versa.
Interest rate- The interest rate is the rate at which the loan provider provides you the loan. It is likewise straight proportional to the worth of your loan EMIs.
Period- The period is the time within which you repay your loan. The period is inversely proportional to your loan EMIs – longer period makes the month-to-month instalments more affordable and vice versa.

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