Google Maps and Making Money (100 to $200 per Day).


In this video I will demonstrate how you can earn money using google maps. This strategy can be used to earn $100-$200 per daily, however I will show you how smart marketing and reciprocity can help you make even more.

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Summary of the video:

You can actually make money using google maps in a variety of different ways. Here’s the thing: there are tons of options. You can do it however you like.

The first step is to locate a business who will support this strategy. Type in the service-based sector + your city. Although you may choose to work in a nearby city, businesses prefer that you do so. However, you are free to search for any state or city. This is why I picked Plumbers Minneapolis as my example.

We are now looking for something specific in their google map listing (aka google my business listing). It should say “claim this company.” That means they haven’t claimed their company on google mybusiness.

A listing without claiming their business will not have many reviews and most likely have missing information (such as their phone number or hours). It’s easy to locate those businesses.

You’ll want to contact these companies after that. The fastest & easiest way to do this is to just call them up… but I know that isn’t the best if you’re a complete beginner. In the video I will show you how I go to their site, locate a contact page or email address, and then, sell them using a script that I provide.

The “choosing a way that is most convenient for you” part of the process comes in. They can choose to pay a $100-$200 fee for claiming their business or optimizing their google my company listing. If you decide to go that route, it is best to use’s help to complete the task (considering it time-consuming).

The other route, as I mentioned above, is to show you how smart marketing and reciprocity can help you make even more money back-end. Reciprocity is basically doing good for others and making them feel obliged to do the same.

With that in mind, all you have to offer is to claim their company for free. You can also add some information to their Google my Business listing. This will make them more inclined to pay for any other services. These include website design and running their ads. You can earn $1000+ per month with these services.

That’s how google maps can make you money. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below. I always reply to your comments. But make sure you like the video and subscribe if it’s of value.


As you can see, any product link in this video is an affiliate link. I receive commissions if you buy from them (at no additional cost to you). Aspirational representations of income and/or earnings are not a guarantee that you will achieve your potential earning power. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results, for that matter. Everything will be dependent on your business skills, work ethic and experience. Every business is subject to risk. This video does not constitute legal advice. I’m not a financial adviser. Remember to always do your own research.